Network & Streaming


IP Encoder

The IP encoder allows you to integrate the video signal into your network and offers the option of tapping into the video stream during meetings, product presentations or for analysis purposes. The IP encoder converts the HDMI signal from the camera systems into a network-compatible RTSP stream. This stream can then be played back on a PC or laptop via a video player (VLC player) or a network video recorder. This flexible solution allows you to design the transmission and playback of the video stream according to your individual requirements.

Network-Video-Recorder (NVR)

To increase the effectiveness of the production process, it is important to avoid faults. The recording function makes it possible to carry out detailed root cause analyses following a fault in order to continuously optimize the production process and strive for fault-free operation.  

The network video recorder allows you to monitor your production process via various end devices such as your PC in the browser or a mobile application. It is also possible to record the video data in order to subsequently analyze the causes of a malfunction in the production process. Recording takes place in a loop, which means that the video content is overwritten depending on the available hard disk capacity. Depending on the model, 8, 16, 32 or 64 video signals can be fed into the network video recorder.

Another advantage of the system is the decentralized connection of cameras. It is not absolutely necessary to connect the cameras directly to the recorder. Instead, all cameras with IP encoders are integrated into the same network as the recorder. It does not matter where the recorder is physically located as long as all cameras are in the same network.

The use of the network video recorder requires the use of the IP encoder, which must be connected between each camera and the network video recorder.

We offer the network recorders with different hard disk sizes, depending on customer requirements. The Western Digital calculator can be used to calculate the appropriate hard disk size:




The video recorder is the ideal choice for recording your production process on a machine quickly and flexibly. Examples of applications include recording prototype parts or material for marketing purposes. The recorder is connected directly between the camera and monitor, ensuring simple integration. The recordings can be saved on various storage media, such as SD cards, USB sticks or external hard disks. This provides a versatile and user-friendly storage option to suit your requirements.